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Wooden Gates

Many people prefer the look of wooden gates over their metal counterparts.

The natural look and rugged strength of wood helps create a unique and personal set of gates.

Many types of wood can be used depending on your preferences and budget. Wooden Driveway Gates are commonly fashioned from Hardwoods such as Teak, Iroko and Oak, although they can also be made from Softwoods such as Scandinavian Redwood or Cedar.

  • The natural look of wooden gates make them a beautiful addition to your home.
  • Wooden gates are unique. No two are the same!
  • Close-boarded wooden gates provide more privacy than metal gates.
  • Hardwood gates are strong and durable.
  • Wooden gates are a status symbol.
  • However, wooden gates require more periodic maintenance than their metal counterparts.

Need some inspiration? Look no further than our standard range of designs:

Still undecided? Why not be inspired by our photo gallery of recent installations at residential properties.

This is a selection of the gates we can make for you!!

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