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Wrought Iron Gates

Always popular with our customers, gates made from wrought iron offer a diverse range of styles and designs both traditional and contemporary.

Wrought Iron gates are simple to maintain as they resist the elements very well; especially when they have been hot-dip galvanised.

Wrought Iron gates guarantee your security. As a metal product, strength is integral to the material. Your property will be protected behind a set of well fitted gates.

  • Metal Gates can be less expensive than wooden gates.
  • Metal Gates are easy to maintain.
  • Metal Gates are strong and secure.
  • Metal Gates are durable.
  • Metal Gates blend in with their surroundings.

Wrought Iron gates usually have an open style, allowing you to see between the bars. This does however mean others can see into your property, which may be detrimental to your privacy.

If this might be an issue, you might be prefer to opt for close-boarded wooden gates.

Still Undecided? Why not be inspired by our photo gallery of recent installations.

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