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Bespoke Fabrication - Fabrication& Welding

Every driveway or entrance is unique. Different customers require different styles, sizes and automation features.

Because of this, Staffordshire Automation will nearly always fabricate each individual gate to suit, on-site at our metalwork plant in Stoke.

The design may evolve from one of our standard designs, or it may be a complete 'one-off', but inevitably there will be different finnials, pillars, railings, intercoms etc. that make the gate unique.

Perhaps you'd like your house name or number, or the name of the school incorporated into the design? Perhaps you'd like gold painted finnials?

Your dedicated contact will be more than happy to discuss your design ideas with you, and will manage the project from start to finish to ensure that those ideas are brought to fruition.

From Conception to Completion

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